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Farmageddon Day 3

Farmageddon Logo

Heading out to meet Eoin at Farmageddon Brewing was a bit of a challenge – the lack of signage felt like a deliberate ploy. I recalled season one of True Detective as I seemed to go up lane after lane and deeper and deeper into the undergrowth but I eventually landed at the brewery entrance.

There is real punk attitude going on at Farmageddon, mixed with sustainability and a DIY approach. Lots of the brewing gear is home made but unlike a Frankinstine’s monster the team are creating some top-class beers.

The brewery is owned evenly by 4 guys and 2 girls and they’re turning out around 3000 litres a week. The core beers include two Indian Pale Ales, and American Pale Ale and an Indian Export Porter.

And 3 times a year they deliver a set of 3 seasonal beers – so for the summer you can expect a Micro IPA Session beer a Tropical IPA and a Mango & Lime Milkshake IPA – I got a quick taste and the mango flavours were oozing from the glass.

But brewing the beer isn’t the only thing happening one the Farmageddon site. Eoin proudly showed me the Hops successfully growing on the home-made Hop Yard despite being told it wouldn’t work and then there’s the recently planted Apple Orchard – the source of a forthcoming “serious” Farmageddon Cider.

All the best outlets should have Farmageddon beers and don’t expect fancy names – no pretence accepted!

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