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Troubled History Tour

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Discover Belfast’s troubled history

Discover Belfast from birth through its turbulent history, from conflict and terror to peace and prosperity!

Over more than 400 years, Belfast has developed from a small Irish settlement to a giant of the industrial revolution and later to a scene of a conflict that lasted over thirty years. At one time the biggest city in Ireland and one of the most industrial cities in the United Kingdom, Belfast is known as the “Ultimate Victorian City.”

On this tour, we tell you about the birth of Belfast – through rebellions, the industrial age and right up to recent and more turbulent times of the troubles to peace and prosperity. See our most important sights, artwork, architecture, and some fascinating, if less obvious, spots along the way.

Our expert guides link all the stages of the city’s development and conflicts in a way that helps you grasp our complex and challenging history. Discover points of interest associated with all these stages and how religion, rebellion, politics, and conflict shaped our cityscape.

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