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Day 2 down at Bullhouse Brewery

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So on my 2nd day of research and I’m out in Comber, Co Down and very happy about since it’s my home county too. My host today was Willie Mayne of Bullhouse Brewery and his colleague Mick who are looking well on this fine summer day. Willie started brewing with kits after sampling the amazing range of craft beers while on a road trip around California.

And having tried a few office jobs in Belfast he decided quickly that he would combine his love for craft beer and his distaste for office life and start his own brewery on his grandparents farm – in the actual bull house, hence the name.

Bullhouse currently make around 11 beers – 2 core beers are Small Axe Session IPA and Road Trippin’ American Pale Ale and they rotate through the other 9 which include Porter, New England IPAs, Stouts and even a Milkshake IPA.

Willie really took a whole lot of inspiration from the US where he says there are around 7000 micro-breweries. He thinks the quality of local beer has really improved over recent years and the demand is only growing.

Making around 2000 litres at one time and with a turnaround of nearly 3 weeks, Willie and Mick are looking to expand so coming soon will be a new Bullhouse BrewPub, along with new Farmhouse beers using foraged ingredients and wild yeast.

Looking very relaxed while being very excited about the future, Willie (shorts) and Mick at Bullhouse seems to be planning lots of innovation over the coming years.


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