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COVID 19 Protection

Health Measures & Protocols

  • The guide will keep a 2m distance and will wear a face shield while socially distant from guests.
  • Guests should wear masks at all times and remain socially distant unless they are from the same household.
  • Groups will be kept small (usually to a maximum of 10 per guide).
  • We will only stop at places where we are out of the way of closely-passing pedestrians.
  • Generally, the guide and guests will use our Wireless Audio Tour Guide System – guests are asked to use their own earphones if possible.
  • On occasions, the guide may use a small loudspeaker to ensure a spread-out group can hear clearly.
  • To reduce the risk to everybody, all indoor visits are suspended for the moment.
  • The guide will be carrying hand-sanitizing gel if the need for its use arises.
  • All equipment will be sanitized before the tour commences.
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