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Brews & Views


Brews & Views

An amazing Craft Beer Walking Tour experience - local micro-brewed beers, food and music on one tour!

Tour Information

  • Tours start at 2 pm on alternative Saturdays.

  • Tours last 3 hours and the price is £40.00 per person.

  • The meeting point is outside the front gates of Belfast City Hall.

  • The Tour ends at The John Hewitt Bar, 51 Donegall St, Belfast.

  • Sample at least 6 unique local craft beers in 4 venues.

  • Delicious burgers get us set up for the rest of the tour - Vegan and Vegetarian options available.

Tour Description

We start our Craft Beer Tour after we meet at Belfast's City Hall. Following a quick description of the city (to get our bearings) we'll be heading to our 1st Craft Beer destination.

Our 1st stop is Tribal Burger for some tasty food - you don't want to start drinking on an empty stomach! Along with the food you'll sample a couple of local Craft Beer and learn all about the breweries that produced them. (Vegan and Vegetarian food options available)

Next we visit the Sunflower Bar - here we review the amazing street art and the old security cage at the bar's entrance before sampling a selection of fine locally brewed Craft Beers.

Following the Sunflower its off to the Cathedral Quarter to visit the Green Room in the Black Box (a trendy entertainment venue) to sample a more local beers from their amazing draft beer selection. Here there's time to discuss the beers on offer find out about more of the local breweries and discover their back story.

Then we head off to the John Hewitt Bar, our last stop where we'll sample and find out more about the last 2 beers to the sound of Traditional Irish music being played in session by local players. You'll love the ambiance, the beers and the craic!

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