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Cruise Ship Visitors

Our Walking Tours are ideal for Cruise Ship Visitors - reasons why:

  • Take the shuttle bus service from Belfast Port or a Taxi to the Visit Belfast HQ which is just across from our tour starting point.

  • A taxi costs around ~£10 total for up to 4 people so is a good alternative to the shuttle bus.

  • Shuttle buses leave Belfast port every 30 minutes, on the hour and half hour.

  • The journey is approximately 15 minutes so there is plenty of time to join a 10am or 1pm tour.

  • Shuttle buses return to the port every 30 minutes, on the hour and half hour from Visit Belfast HQ which is close to the tour finish point.

  • Our Belfast tour is the same as an expensive Cruise Walking Tour - our guides are experienced in delivering the Cruise Ship excursions.

  • On cruise ship days, the Walking Tour Belfast tour costs just £14 per person.


Shuttle bus drop-off is 100 yards from tour starting point, see map below.

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